And yes, I even remember you.
July 18 to August 30, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, July 18, 6pm - 9pm

Scott Benzel, Patricia Fernández, Hailey Loman, D'Ette Nogle, Mungo Thomson

Curated by Eric Kim

“… [I]ndividual experience is clearly inseparable from the culture in which it is constituted. This truth is in fact at the root of the most beautiful mysteries of life. Thus, in our intermediations, we can share with one another an immensely rich history of experience and reflection. Yet as individuals, at the same time, we may run the risk of losing a sense of personal identity, and growing blank in the process—like the postcard photographer's gaze as he captures his empty images.”  

- Allan McCollum

History is frequently a commodity for consumption with which contemporary mythologies are created. Collections and their subsequent modes of presentation indicate the interrelatedness of makers and consumers of culture. Memories of events and systems of cataloging collide with economic and political forces, generating a common narrative that replaces truth with mythology. 

In the group exhibition And yes, I even remember you., artists employ various strategies to discern the innumerable narratives intersecting at the point where cultural history is created. Each acts as an interlocutor intervening in the exchange of ideas and memories, within respective contexts of shared culture.