Wrong Window
February 13 to April 4, 2015  | Press
Devin Kenny at Aran Cravey  |  2015-03-10
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"Wrong Window" by Devin Kenny at Aran Cravey, Los Angeles  |  2015-02-22
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Devin Kenny, "when you hit the screen and start thinking about your whole life", 2015, digital image

Devin Kenny | Wrong Window
Opening Reception: Friday, February 13, 2015 | 6pm - 9pm
World Premier of music video LANyards at 7pm

She made my favorite works with words, and I had never heard of him at all, except for a quote in this one paperback. At this stage, I even feel strange putting them both in the same sentence, even though they shared a canvas and it was massive. It wasn't like boxers or wrestlers share a canvas. He disappeared and she's still a favorite. I was still a teenager-- and in a new city.

"Protect me from what I want."

"An artist paints a picture. A vandal breaks a window. A graffiti artist paints a picture on a window and breaks it."

"Abuse of power comes as no surprise."

A few gaming consoles down and those flashing lights and business marquees have been spurned for millions of small glowing panels, held bedside, above thigh highs, eye-height with pursed lips, near breast, cupped in hands that could be useful for breeding mosquitos, just as well as absorbing waves, just as well as affecting tissues in unknown ways. Where's Andy Dick's Tumor Toppers on ____? Am I gonna have to make the gif myself?

the new stuff is awesomeeee. when is it all finished? any more sneak peeks? >:3

Yeah idunno I'm just not feeling it right now. it was a great day but I feel like I did this before and I feel like I don't want to make the same mistakes


oops wrong window.

'Don’t write on houses of worship, people's houses in general, other writers’ names, and tombstones. Writing on memorial walls and cars is beef beyond belief. Furthermore, involving civilians in your beef is grounds for dismissal. These are the five fingers of your right hand. Get to know them well. Give soul claps, firm handshakes, and throw smooth bolo punches. Although being a toy seems undesirable, you should enjoy it while you can. At this stage you can bite all you want with no remorse. All your elders will say is, "Awww isn't that cute…” So steal that dope connection, rob that color scheme… Don’t worry about giving any credit, we'll pat ourselves on the back and brag how we're influencing the next generation.' 

This Zimbardo guy looks like a magician right?

In his first solo offering at Aran Cravey, interdisciplinary artist Devin Kenny (Hammer Biennial: Made in LA 2014) explores the politics of ‘the post’ and self-identification through a spectrum of media. Ranging from wheat pasting and graffiti, to social networking and the erosion of the barrier between labor and leisure online. Kenny’s work continues to examine the complicated boundaries and political subversions within contemporary culture.

Works include music, sculpture, installation, photography, video, and drawing.

Devin Kenny, "Cover Band", 2014, found and modified t-shirts

Devin Kenny, "Edge Crush" (excerpt), 2014, color xerographic prints

Devin Kenny, "Desktop widget X", 2015, wood,butcher block conditioner, and enamel

Devin Kenny, "Desktop widget XI", 2015, acrylic

Devin Kenny, "Desktop widget XIII", 2015, wood, butcher block conditioner, red #40

Devin Kenny, "Desktop widget XVIII", 2015, wood, butcher block conditioner

Devin Kenny, "Right around the corner", 2014, laminated xerographic print

Devin Kenny, "Ivan would read to me but it's a coincidence", 2015, chalkboard paint, chalk, spray glitter on gold coated paper, variable edition

Devin Kenny, "Yantras Yikin'", 2015, foam rubber

Devin Kenny, "Untitled (The more I teach the less you learn)", 2012, enamel on glass. "Untitled (But I swear this beat go haaard)", 2012, enamel on glass. "Untitled (Plank)", 2012, enamel on glass

Devin Kenny, (detail) "Untitled (Plank)", 2012, enamel on glass

Devin Kenny, "VHS Mop", 2015, cassette tape, ink, felt

Devin Kenny, "Swipe right on 'em all and let G-d sort 'em out..", 2015, single channel video with sound, soundtrack by Jahzzar

Devin Kenny, "Selfie mask (stealthie) I", 2015, lenticular acrylic

Devin Kenny, (detail) "Vinyasa workflow", 2015, cotton fabric on jar-opener rubber

Devin Kenny, "Worksheets", 2014, found object, chalkboard paint, chalk

Devin Kenny, "Slave name/stage name/Ellis Island snafu", 2008/2012, Inkjet prints

Devin Kenny, "Prominently Displayed VI (When we feel we)", 2015, Opal Frit on inkjet print

Devin Kenny, "Prominently Displayed I (Shockwaves are easy....)", 2015, Opal Frit on inkjet print

Devin Kenny, (detail) "Prominently Displayed I (Shockwaves are easy....)", 2015, Opal Frit on inkjet print

Devin Kenny, "Anti-Wall climb paint in drunk tank pink (protect at all costs) I-VI", 2015, petroleum on homasote

Devin Kenny, (detail) "Anti-Wall climb paint in drunk tank pink (protect at all costs) I-VI", 2015, petroleum on homasote

Devin Kenny, "I hold onto your memory like I once held on to your curls", 2015, single-channel video with sound

"LANyards", directed by Jarrod Turner performed by Devin KKenny, 2015 music by Devin KKenny, from the album ALONE WE PLAY, 2014

Devin Kenny, "SEO", 2015, India ink on polystyrene